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Tourism management - Research, policies, practice : Volume 32, Number 3, 2011

- A model of destination branding: integrating the concepts of the branding and destination image.
- Google analytics for measuring website performance.
- Regeneration in a mass-tourism resort: The changing fortunes of bugibba.
- Tourism climate information based on human thermal perception in Taiwan and eastern China.
- Package mountaineer tourist holidaying in the French Alps: An evaluation of key influences encouraging their participation.
- Implicit prices for longer temporary exhibitions in a heritage site and a test of preference heterogeneity: A segmentation-base on approach.
- An examination of the differences in retail service evaluation between domestic and tourist shoppers in Hong Kong.
- Food management in tourism: Reducing tourism’s carbon ‘foodprint’.
- Understanding Japanese tourists shopping preferences using the decision tree analysis method.
- A latent class approach to tourists’ length of stay.
- Demand elasticity estimates for New Zealand tourism.
- Blue flag or red herring: Do beach awards encourage the public the public to visit beaches?
- Tourism seasonality in cultural destinations: Empirical evidence from sicily.
- Framing New Zealand: Understanding tourism TV commercials.
- Perceptions of place, modernity and the impacts of tourism – differences among rural and urban residents of ankang, China: A likelihood ratio analysis.
- A study of pre-tip use of travel guidebooks by leisure travelers.
- How can tourism use land more efficiently? A model-based approach to land-use efficiency for tourism destinations.
- Actor-network theory and stakeholder collaboration: the case of cultural districts.
- Social-ecological resilience and community-based tourism an approach from Agua Blanca, Ecuador.
- Growth-focused or profit-focused firm: Transitions toward profitable growth.
- Image and perceived risk: A Study of Uganda and its official tourism website.
- A typical Italian phenomenon: The “albergo diffuso”.
- Evaluating hotel animation programs at Mediterranean sun-and-sea resorts: An impact-asymmetry analysis.
- Destination choice model for transitional travel: College students in China.

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Edisi Vol.32, No.3, 2011
No. Panggil JU TOM VOL.32 NO.3
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Bahasa Inggris
Penerbit Elsevier, Ltd.
Tahun Terbit 2011
Tempat Terbit London
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