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Tourism management - Research, policies, practice : Volume 32, Number 2, 2011

- Aspects of service-dominant logic and its implications for tourism management: examples from the hotel industry.
- Exploring the adoption and processing of online holiday reviews: A grounded theory approach.
- Not quite paradise: Inadequacies of environmental impact assessment in the Maldives.
- Customer satisfaction using low cost carriers.
- Managing tourism products and destination embedding public good components: A hedonic approach.
- The effect of perceived trust on electronic commerce: Shopping online for toursim products and services in South Korea.
- An exploratory inquiry into destination risk perceptios and risk reduction strategies of first time vs. Repeat visitors to a highly volatile destination.
- Quality of hotel service and consumer protection: A European contract law approach.
- The impact of world heritage site designation on local communities- A case study of Ogimachi, Shirakawa-Mura, Japan.
- A multi-level approach to the study of production chains in the tourism sector.
- Attributes that influences the evaluation of travel dining experience: When ease meets west.
- The relationship between white-water rafting experience formation and customer reaction: A flow theory perspective.
- Motivations and perceived value of volunteer tourist from Hong Kong.
- Rukai indigenous tourism: Representations, cultural identity and Q method.
- Local residents’ perceptions of the impact of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 on Barbados: Comparison pf pre-and post-games.
- From frozen continent to tourism hotspot? Five decades of Antarctic tourism development and management, and a glimpse into the future.
- A framework for analyzing intergovermental collaboration- The case of ASEAN torusim.
- The impacts of international tourism demand on economic growth of small economies dependent on tourism.
- Why do you cruise? Exploring the motivations for taking cruise holidays, and the construction of cruising motivation scale.
- Processing promotional travel narratives.
- The impact of age and family life experiences on Mexican visitor shopping expenditures.
- Estimating the effect of overcrowding on tourist attraction: The case of Canary Island.
- Event segmentation: A review and research agenda.
- The motivation of tourism destination competitiveness by TOPSIS & Information entropy – A case in the Yangtze river delta of China.

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Edisi Vol.32, No.2, 2011
No. Panggil JU TOM VOL.32 NO.2
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Penerbit Elsevier, Ltd.
Tahun Terbit 2011
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