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Tourism management - Research, policies, practice : Volume 32, Number 1, 2011

- Urban tourism research: Recent progress and current paradoxes.
- Publish and perish? Bibliometric analysis, journal ranking and the assessment of research quality in tourism.
- Estimating time series and cross section tourism demand models: Mainland United States to Hawaii data.
- Are you for real? An evaluation of the relationship between emotional labour and visitor outcomes.
- Domestic tourism expenditures: The non-linear effects of length of stay and travel party size.
- An examination of tourism journal development.
- Online distribution of airline tickets: Should airlines adopt a single or a multi-channel approach?
- Efficiency of travel agencies: A case study of Alicance, Spain.
- Travel queries on cities in the United States: Implications for search engine marketing for tourist destinations.
- The perceived usefulness of blog postings: An extension of the expectancy-disconfirmation paradigm.
- Brand personality of tourist destinations: An application of self-congruity theory.
- Gateway community resident perceptions of tourism development: Incorporating importance-performance analysis into a limits of acceptable change framework.
- Performance of French destinations: Tourism attraction perspective.
- The establishment of a rapid natural disaster risk assessment model for the tourism industry.
- Impact of financial / economic crisis on demand for hotel rooms in Hong Kong.
- Historicity, fieldwork, and the allure of the post-modern: A reply to Ryan and Gu.
- The allure of the post-modern-a response to Robert Shepherd.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Pengarang Huimin, Gu - Personal Name
Pesatana, Barros Carlos - Personal Name
Banks, Sarah - Personal Name
Frauman, Eric - Personal Name
Usakli, Ahmet - Personal Name
Zehrer, Anita - Personal Name
Pan, Bing - Personal Name
Xiang, Zheng - Personal Name
Fuentes, Ramon - Personal Name
Laurent, Botti - Personal Name
Nicolas, Peypoch - Personal Name
Elisabeth, Robinot - Personal Name
Shepherd, Robert J. - Personal Name
Zhang, Xinyan - Personal Name
Wit, Stephen F. - Personal Name
Lin, Shanshan - Personal Name
Wu chen, Cheng - Personal Name
Hung Tsai, Chung - Personal Name
Assaf, A. George - Personal Name
Bernardin, Solonandrasana - Personal Name
Mantin, Benny - Personal Name
Koo, Bonwoo - Personal Name
O’Leary, Joseph T. - Personal Name
Song, Haiyan - Personal Name
Petrick, James F. - Personal Name
Ryan, Chris - Personal Name
O’Connor, Peter - Personal Name
Li, Xiang - Personal Name
Baloglu, Seyhmus - Personal Name
Thrane, Christer - Personal Name
Hall, C. Michael - Personal Name
Crotts, John C. - Personal Name
Magnini, Vincent P. - Personal Name
Ashworth, Gregory - Personal Name
Kuen Cheng, Chia - Personal Name
Farstad, Elvind - Personal Name
Cooper, Brian K - Personal Name
Smith, Liam Dg - Personal Name
Van Dijk, Peter A. - Personal Name
Smith, Jay M. - Personal Name
Dickey, David A - Personal Name
Nelson, Larry A. - Personal Name
Page, Stephen J. - Personal Name
Edisi Vol.32, No.1, 2011
No. Panggil JU TOM VOL.32 NO.1
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Bahasa Inggris
Penerbit Elsevier, Ltd.
Tahun Terbit 2011
Tempat Terbit Amsterdam
Deskripsi Fisik 1-192 hlm; 29 cm.
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